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『松岡  凛』
MATSUOKA, Rin || Episode 3

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Free! Eternal Summer → Episode 03

↳ Sousuke Yamazaki

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with those beautiful eyes of depravity.

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Rei Ryuugazaki (竜ヶ崎 怜)

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"I am a failed version. When my body was affected by the incomplete curse, my constitution underwent a distorted transformation."

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i’m starting commissions right now because i need money (for our family and for my studies and other stuff) ! (´・ω・`)


  • please contact either via ask/fanmail/e-mail (my hotmail is kisshu96@hotmail.com)
  • please try to include as many details for your art as possible, more, the better! i want you to enjoy the art i make ♥
  • please do the payment via Paypal after i have sent you a sketch of the art (with some other planning like colors) and when you’re satisfied with it. when i’m done with the art, i’ll send it to you via submit, and with your permission, also on my tumblr
  • when i have accepted your request, please give me some time to do it,
  • i’ll do only full-color art with background of your choice.
  • other examples of my art can be found from my art tag (my art tag in my old blog)


  • art without background; 5 €/6 USD
  • art with simple (one color/pattern) background; 7 €/9 USD
  • art with painted background: 8 €/10 USD
  • + 2 €/2 USD for additional character

🌸i can do everything else except🌸

  • graphical sex/gore (i can do blood or suggestive, just not anything overly graphical)
  • mecha (or anything else mechanical)
  • animals (but i can do human characters with animal ears/tail/paws, not furries though)


Actual 5 year old Mikoshiba Momotarou